What do you put in a toddler Christmas Eve box?

What can I put in a Christmas box for kids?

26 Ideas to put in your Christmas Eve Box

  • Colouring books and pens or pencils.
  • Christmas books – Night before Christmas is the one we include.
  • Festive DVD.
  • Munchies and snacks for watching the film, I opted for popcorn as its one of Monkey’s favourites.
  • New Christmas PJs.

What can toddlers do on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Eve Traditions to Start with Your Toddler

  • Christmas Eve Traditions to Start with Toddlers.
  • Bake some Christmas Eve Cookies.
  • Start a Christmas Eve Box Tradition.
  • Watch a Holiday Classic.
  • Go on a Christmas Light Adventure -sightseeing.
  • Got Snow Then Head out and Have a Snowball Fight.
  • Make a Christmas Craft.

How can I make my 1 year old Christmas special?

11 Traditions To Make Baby’s 1st Christmas Special

  1. Find That One Gift You’ll Bring Out Every Year. …
  2. Give Pyjamas On Christmas Eve. …
  3. Take Photos With Santa. …
  4. Make (Or Buy) A Personalized Stocking. …
  5. Give (And Read) Classic Christmas Books. …
  6. Make (Or Buy) Special Ornaments. …
  7. Order Personalized Christmas Cards.

What can I put in my 10 month old Christmas Eve box?

Preparing For Christmas With Your Baby: The Christmas Eve Box

  1. The Box Itself.
  2. Pyjamas.
  3. A Christmas Book.
  4. A Decoration For The Tree.
  5. A Stocking.
  6. Reindeer Food & Santa’s Plate.
  7. A Festive Film.
  8. Crafty Bits.
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What is the point of a Christmas Eve box?

It’s been reported the Christmas Eve box trend stems from the German tradition of opening presents on December 24th rather than Christmas Day but the new gifting idea also serves the purpose of making little ones content and relaxed so they don’t stay up too late waiting for Santa!

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