Is Konny baby carrier safe?

Is Konny baby carrier safe for newborn?

It’s an okay wrap, it truly lack head support for newborns. You can use the side to support head but you loose sight of the baby’s airway.

How long can I use Konny baby carrier?

It’s common thought that the baby carrier can be only used with a newborn, but in fact, it’s not. With Konny Baby Carrier, you can carry your baby as long as the baby needs, unless the baby exceeds the weight limit.

Are baby carriers bad for babies?

Yes, incorrect positioning may interfere with hip development in some infants. As noted by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, there is ample evidence showing that holding a baby’s legs together for long periods of time during early infancy can cause hip dysplasia or even lead to hip dislocations.

How do you know if Konny is too big?

Konny Size Check

  1. If the baby sits near the wearer’s belly button, it is the right size.
  2. If the distance between the baby’s bottom and the wearer’s belly button is more than 5cm (2 inches), please size up.
  3. If the baby sits as low as, or lower than the wearer’s hip line, please size down.
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