Your question: Do I need a baby wipe warmer?

What is the point of a wipe warmer?

Wipes warmers work by warming baby wipes from the top or bottom to make them more comfortable for your baby. You probably don’t enjoy cold showers or shaving with icy water, and Baby doesn’t appreciate chilly wipes on their bottom. Cold wipes are startling and uncomfortable, especially at 3am.

Is wipes warmer safe?

Use a non abrasive cloth and give it a wipe down often so that there is no bacteria growing inside and your baby wipes are safe to use on your baby. A wipe warmer can make your life very comfortable and convenient especially when your babies are small and it gets difficult at times to handle them.

How do you keep baby wipes warm without a warmer?

Put the wipes in front of a hair dryer in “hot” mode for a few seconds, but not too long to dry or overheat. Drain the cloth towels in warm soapy water before using them. And if we do not have the hair dryer remember that we can also warm the wipe with the palms of our hands.

Do baby wipe warmers dry out wipes?

Warmers and dispensers are great for holding large batches of wipes—but not so much if there’s too much air getting in at every diaper change, leaving wipes dry and brittle. This warmer has a silicone seal around the dispenser to lock in moisture and ensure a wet wipe every time.

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Do you add water to wipe warmer?

Fill the warmer with water.

Even if your wipe warmer does not come with a sponge, add a small amount of water to the base. A bit of water can go a long way in preventing your baby wipes from drying out. Do not pour the water on the wipes themselves, rather let it pool at the bottom of the warmer.

Do wipe warmers get moldy?

In reality, a wipe warmer needs to get cleaned up once and a while just like anything else in your home. If you never wipe it down with a little soap and water, then there is bound to be a little bit of bacterial growth or mold over time.

Do wipe warmers cause fires?

Wipes Warmers

The Risk: Several warmers have been recalled because they pose a potential electrocution and fire hazard, and others have scorched furniture. … “It’s an unnecessary risk for something most kids can do without.”

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