You asked: How do you make a diaper pizza?

While diaper cakes for baby showers are becoming a more common occurrence at baby showers, they are still a new concept to a number of baby shower guests. Diaper cakes are a great conversation starter!

How many diapers does it take to make a diaper tricycle?

Start off by making the 3 wheels. I used a pan to hold the diapers as I fanned them into a wheel shape. The pack of diapers I used was Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers, Size 1, 90 count, so each wheel has 30 diapers in it.

Is it safe to use diapers from diaper cake?

Yes, use the diapers.

What’s the point of a diaper cake?

They typically serve two fundamental purposes: as a unique decorative piece (for a baby shower or nursery), and practically for helping your new parents care for their newborn. After being displayed, parents can use the diapers, which are all brand new, fresh out of the package Pampers brand, on their baby.

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