When is it OK to take a baby to the beach?

Is it safe to take a 2 month old to the beach?

Even if it isn’t sunny, your baby’s delicate skin can still burn, so it’s vital to protect her. If your baby is younger than six months, keep her out of the sun altogether and stay in the shade. If you have an older baby or toddler, keep her out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, which is the hottest part of the day .

What do I need to take my 2 month old to the beach?

Bring an umbrella or a sun tent to shade baby from the harmful sun rays. Lay beach towels on the sand so it won’t get too hot. Choose early morning before 11 am or late afternoon after 4 pm to go to the beach.

Can I take my 3 month old to the beach?

At 3 months old, I would be a little hesitant to take baby to the beach– at least during peak sun/heat hours. … Sunscreen is recommended by the American Academy of pediatrics even on babies under 6months old! Keep baby in the shade/covered with light clothing if possible.

Can I take a newborn to the pool?

Although there is no absolute guideline – the general consensus by Pediatricians and other health professionals is that babies under 6 months (some would say 12 months) should avoid swimming/pools. Water safety is clearly important for all ages.

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