What baby animal is called a puppy?

What animal is called a pup?

Pup means the babies of several species of animals, such as: Dog. Other members of the canine family (a group of animals) Seal. Shark.

What do you call a baby puppy?

Now you know that a baby dog is called a pup.

What baby animals are called kittens?

Young animals: A short form of kitten, a young cat. A young beaver. A young ferret.

What is a kit baby animal?

A baby ferret is called a kit and a baby opossum, like a kangaroo, is called a joey. Young foxes are also called kits.

What color is oyster?

The color “oyster” is usually described as a gray with a touch of green and beige, a yellow-toned pale gray, or an iridescent light gray. Whichever words you use to describe the color oyster, this shade is gaining traction in everything from weddings to interior design.

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