Should I donate breast milk?

Is it safe to give your baby donated breast milk?

Is Donated Milk Safe? Donated breast milk is very safe; it comes from mothers that have pumped more milk than their own baby can eat. Before mothers can donate milk, they are tested for any illness that could pass through their breast milk. Each container of milk is also tested for harmful bacteria.

What disqualifies you from donating breastmilk?

You may be disqualified from donating breast milk if you: Have or are being treated for HIV, HTLV (human T-cell leukemia virus), hepatitis B or C, or syphilis. Have a sexual partner who is at risk for HIV, HTLV, hepatitis B or C, or syphilis. Have used recreational drugs within the last year.

Do you get paid for donating breast milk?

, below). The milk bank may supply sterilised collection bottles, labels and breast pumps, and will provide instructions for women on how to transport and store the milk safely. The milk bank pasteurises the milk to kill any viruses or bacteria. Milk banks do not pay donors.

When should I donate my breast milk?


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You can donate newly expressed milk or previously collected frozen milk (up to 10 months from date of expression) as long as it is clearly marked with month, day and year and time of expression. You can expect the entire qualification process to take about 4-5 weeks.

Why would you donate breast milk?

Donate Milk

Exclusive human milk feeding significantly reduces the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis, a leading cause for prematurity-related death, and contributes to the overall wellbeing of medically fragile infants. To get screened as a milk donor, call one of our 30 nonprofit member milk banks.

Why do people donate milk?

Donated breastmilk helps to save the lives of premature and sick babies whose mothers are unable, for many reasons, to provide them with sufficient breastmilk of their own. … Where it’s not safe or possible to breastfeed, donated breast milk can also be offered by some milk banks as an alternative to infant formula.

Is breast milk donation tax deductible?

Is donating your milk a tax-deductible donation? No. Sadly, the IRS doesn’t allow a deduction for donating any kind of human tissue. But, you can deduct mileage from your milk donations, as well as the cost of your breast pump and accessories.

How do you donate breast milk to the NICU?

You can reach them at 1.877. 375.6645 (option 4 for Spanish) or via email at You may also visit the University of California Health Milk Bank at for more information and to become a donor.

Can you donate breast milk if you drink coffee?

Most banks do not have issues with low to moderate caffeine or alcohol intake, though they may ask you not to pump for donation purposes for up to 12-48 hours after drinking alcohol.

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