Quick Answer: How do you get the top off a baby bio?

How do you dilute a baby bio?

Easy to use, simply dilute approximately five to ten drops to every half litre (one pint) of water and continue with normal watering in between feeds. This mix ratio can be used throughout the year.

Does Baby Bio plant Food go off?

Liquid fertilizer does eventually go bad, but you can expect it to last for around 10 years if it’s stored under the proper conditions.

How much bio should a baby use?

How to use. Add 5-10 drops to ½ litre (1 pint) of water, every time you water, OR mix ½ capful in 1 litre (2 pints) of water and feed every 2 weeks. Use when the plants are actively growing.

Can you use Baby Bio for roses?

I read that flowering roses need permanently watering, not far short of boggy soil, so I put 6 drops of Baby-Bio to a small watering can and keep it topped-up in the saucer so it can draw the water as it needs it. I will do as you say, sotongeoff, and leave it for a few more days.

Is Baby Bio a balanced Fertiliser?

Baby Bio Houseplant Food contains the perfect balance of the 3 major nutrients required by your favourite houseplants: Nitrogen (N) – for healthy, bright green leaves. Phosphorus (P) – for strong roots. Potassium (K) – for better blooms and fruits.

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