How wide do baby gates go?

How wide do baby gates come?

Most baby gates will fit a range of sizes from 39” to 52” wide. This happens by adding extensions to the gate. Extensions either come with the gate or are sold separately (make sure you read the manufacturers description). This style of baby gate can either be pressure mounted or hardware mounted to fit in your space.

How wide is a walk thru gate?

The convenient walk through design is perfect for doorways and openings. It is made up of sturdy and durable all steel construction. The gate measure 33.5 inches wide, the included extension measures 21.5 inches wide and the included wall mounts/spindle rods add 2 inches of width to each side of the gate.

Do you really need baby gates?

Home > Blog > Are Baby Gates Really Necessary? If you want to be sure your toddlers and crawling babies are safe, the answer to the question, Are baby gates essential, is a resounding “yes.” Even if you can be with them and watch them for every minute of their waking hours, it’s still an excellent idea.

Are Pressure baby gates safe?

Child safety gates are recommended for children between 6 and 24 months. Pressure-mounted gates, which are wedged into place by pressure against the doorframe or walls, don’t require drilling. … It’s safe to use a pressure-mounted gate, for example, to cordon off the kitchen so you can cook without your baby underfoot.

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Can you combine baby gates?

Retract-A-Gates can be connected together to cover wider distances than 72 inches if used for non-critical applications (not for use at the top of stairs). No other retractable gate can do this.

What is a walk thru gate?

The Easy Walk-Thru gate helps parents keep children safe from household dangers. As a metal pressure gate, it is ideal for high-traffic areas because the swinging door allows for quick and easy pass through. … To close and lock the gate, just give the door a gentle push and watch the slam-latch feature take over.

What is a walk gate?

Home > Gates > Walk Gates. The width of these gates are much smaller than driveway gates. Specifically designed to be an easy access point and usually just matches the fenceline.

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