How long do neon tetras stay pregnant?

How long does it take for a neon tetra to lay eggs?

A single female tetra can lay anywhere from 60 to 130 eggs, which take approximately 24 hours to hatch. Once the eggs are laid and fertilized, return the adults to their regular tank as they will tend to eat the eggs or the fry once they hatch.

Is my neon tetra fish pregnant?

Pregnant neon tetras tend to have enlarged or swollen belly because they carry a lot of eggs. Undoubtedly, this is the best indicator that a neon tetra is ready to spawn. After that, observer their courting behavior. Check the tank if the males are displaying any courting behavior.

What do neon tetras look like when they’re pregnant?

The pregnant female neon tetra will have a rounded belly swollen due to the eggs she carries. As you know, a female neon tetra is already a little fat than that of the male neon tetra. A pregnant female neon tetra has a definite belly shape rounded by a little and with black dots.

Will neon tetras breed in a community tank?

Keep in mind that the tetras that you use for breeding will have to be at least 12 weeks old or breeding may not be possible. Allow the fish to stay in the tank for a day or two. Tetras should spawn after being kept in the tank for about one to two days.

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