How long are great white sharks pregnant?

Why do sharks bite while mating?

In terms of the actual act, you can imaging that it’s a bit difficult to mate underwater with no hands or limbs to stabilize your movement. That’s why many male sharks are observed biting the females during the mating process in order to stabilize them during reproduction.

What are you more likely to get killed by than a shark?

Jellyfish kill more people than sharks do

As well as causing 40 deaths a year, jellyfish also cause a vastly larger number of injuries than sharks. There’s also that whole thing of having someone pee on your jellyfish stings.

Do shark pups stay with their mothers?

Once viviparous pups are developed enough inside the womb, the mother gives birth and leaves them on their own. Even though shark moms’ responsibilities to their pups end when they give birth, Dr.

Do sharks poop through their skin?

No! Sharks don’t pee. Sharks’ urine is absorbed in their flesh and removed through their skin.

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