How do you perform CPR on an infant?

What are the 5 steps for giving CPR to an infant?


  1. Shout and Tap. Shout and gently tap the child on the shoulder. …
  2. Give 30 Compressions. Give 30 gentle chest compressions at the rate of 100-120/minute. …
  3. Open The Airway. Open the airway using a head tilt lifting of chin. …
  4. Give 2 Gentle Breaths.

How should you give chest compressions for an infant during CPR?

Compress the breastbone. Push down 4cm (for a baby or infant) or 5cm (a child), which is approximately one-third of the chest diameter. Release the pressure, then rapidly repeat at a rate of about 100-120 compressions a minute. After 30 compressions, tilt the head, lift the chin, and give 2 effective breaths.

What to do if a infant is choking?

First Aid

  1. Lay the infant face down, along your forearm. Use your thigh or lap for support. Hold the infant’s chest in your hand and the jaw with your fingers. Point the infant’s head downward, lower than the body.
  2. Give up to 5 quick, forceful blows between the infant’s shoulder blades. Use the palm of your free hand.
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When performing CPR on an infant you can use 2 thumbs or put 2?

Introduction: Current guidelines recommend that single person cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an infant should be performed with two-fingers just below the inter-mammillary line with the hand clenched, while two-person CPR should be performed with two-thumbs with the hands encircling the chest.

What is the ratio for 1 rescuer infant CPR?

A lone rescuer uses a compression-to-ventilation ratio of 30:2. For 2-rescuer infant and child CPR, one provider should perform chest compressions while the other keeps the airway open and performs ventilations at a ratio of 15:2.

When giving CPR to an infant who is choking and becomes unresponsive?

Alternate chest compressions and rescue breaths. If a choking infant can cry or cough, watch carefully to see if the object comes out. If the infant cannot cry or cough, follow the steps for back slaps and chest thrusts. If the infant becomes unresponsive, send someone to call 9-1-1, and give CPR.

How many rescue breaths do you give an infant?

If you are trained in rescue breathing, give 30 compressions, then 2 rescue breaths. Rescue breathing may be more important to do for babies than adults. If you are not giving rescue breaths, keep giving at least 100 chest compressions a minute until help arrives or the baby is breathing normally.

What is the compression to breath for 2 rescuer infant CPR?

Two-person CPR ratio for the child and infant will be 15 compressions to 2 breaths.

Where do you place your hands for CPR on an infant?

Kneel or stand next to the baby after putting him or her on a flat surface. Picture a line connecting the nipples, and place two fingers on the baby’s breastbone just below that line. Use just your two fingers to press the chest at least one-third of the depth of the baby’s chest [about 4 cm (1.5 in.)].

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