How do you hold a diaper cake together?

How do you secure a diaper cake?

Push spoons directly into the diapers. Use hair bows or bobby pins to attach to the top of the diaper or ribbons. You can even attach items together using safety pins and tie a ribbon through the safety pin to thread through the layers without damage.

How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake?

Most diaper cakes use about 50 to 75 newborn or size 1 diapers. Here’s what you’ll need: A cake topper (a stuffed animal, ribbon, board book, etc.)

How do you secure a stuffed animal to the top of a diaper cake?

Stick double-sided tape or velcro tabs onto the top of the diaper cake and the bottom of the stuffed animal. These items secure the stuffed animal in its place and can be easily removed later.

While diaper cakes for baby showers are becoming a more common occurrence at baby showers, they are still a new concept to a number of baby shower guests. Diaper cakes are a great conversation starter!

Do you use the diapers from a diaper cake?

Yes, use the diapers.

Which diapers are all white?

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