How do you child proof a living room?

How do you make furniture safe for kids?

Secure Furniture like Shelves, Desks, and Drawers to a Wall.

  1. Purchase furniture with wide legs or solid bases.
  2. Install drawer stops on chests and drawers.
  3. Place heavy items close to the floor on shelves.
  4. Strap furniture to the wall with safety straps or L-brackets.

How do you Babyproof legs on a couch?

Plan on about one sock per inch of leg. Once you wrangle the socks, snip (just) the tippy toes off, turn any sweat socks inside out so that the soft terry faces out, and thread them all onto your table legs in a random or regular color pattern. Pack them tight so that they don’t slide around.

How long do you need to baby proof for?

Six months to One Year.

So if you haven’t done much baby proofing yet, now is the time to do it. More specifically, as your little one starts to crawl, you’ll need to keep the floors clean and clear of objects that are not age appropriate and that he could swallow.

Why is it important to childproof your home?

– Childproofing will help make your home safer and is an ongoing process. Supervising your baby is the best way to prevent injuries. Get down on your hands and knees and look all around. At that level, you’ll be able to see what might attract or interest a baby.

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Do you need to secure crib to wall?

Nothing in the crib is best (except your baby)!

Toys that are installed on the crib slats should be secured on the wall side (the manufacturer’s instructions should be checked). Avoid wall hangings above the crib.

What do you do if a dresser falls on a child?

Place a cold compress or ice pack on any bumps or bruises. Give acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain if your child is alert. Let your child rest, as needed, for the next few hours. Watch your child closely for the next 24 hours for any unusual symptoms or behavior.

Can you have a coffee table with a baby?

3. Look for Smudge-Free Style. Glass coffee tables are a popular choice for living rooms because they can make a room appear bigger and blend in with many styles. But if you need a baby safe coffee table, steer clear of certain coffee table materials like glass—it can present a definite safety hazard.

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