How do I choose baby lotion?

What is the difference between lotion and baby lotion?

But often we are stuck with the question “What is the difference between a baby cream and baby lotion? The difference between them is just a percentage of water and oil mixture present in each. Oil and water don’t mix well, so an emulsifier is used to mix the solution. … Needless to say, it is thicker than lotion.

How do I choose a good baby product?

5 tips for choosing safe baby products

  1. Talk with your pediatrician. Your pediatrician is the ultimate source of information about what products are safe for your baby. …
  2. Understand common toxins. …
  3. Find reputable sources of information. …
  4. Choose products designed for babies. …
  5. Keep a careful eye on your little one.

Which is better baby cream or lotion?

Perhaps the biggest difference between lotion and cream is that lotions have a higher water content. A lotion is typically a mix of water and droplets of oil, is lighter weight than cream, and is non-greasy. … Creams are thicker in consistency than lotions and provide a barrier that keeps skin ultra-hydrated.

What is better lotion or cream?

In general, creams are better for people with dry skin while lotions are better for those with oily skin. The thicker formulas lock in moisture and/or provide a protective layer to better keep skin hydrated and supple.

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Can I use baby lotion on my body?

Baby lotion, which usually is mild and gentle on baby skin, is thick and nourishing enough for adults’ skin as well. … After bathing, you can use baby lotion on your skin. Your skin will be soft and smooth and will smell fresh.

Do babies need lotion?

Most newborns don’t need lotion after a bath. If his or her skin is very dry, apply a small amount of unscented baby moisturizer to the dry areas. The massage might make your baby feel good.

Can I use Vaseline on baby face?

Because of its pure and gentle formula, Vaseline Baby can be used as a daily baby moisturizer to treat dry patches on your baby’s face and body, not just their diaper area.

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