Do Tetras eat baby guppies?

Do tetras and guppies get along?

Guppies generally get along with other small schooling fish. … For example, many tetras make great companions for guppies. The neon tetra, a small colorful fish, makes a great tankmate. Minnows and rasboras also get along just fine with guppies.

What fish will eat guppy babies?

Any large, aggressive carnivorous fish will eat guppies. Angelfish, cichlids, oscars, crayfish, red-tiger sharks, barbs, etc., are some of the fish species that can eat adult guppies. Similarly, guppy fry are vulnerable to attacks from bettas, gouramis, platies, dwarf pufferfish, and swordtails.

What fish will not eat baby guppies?

Shrimp are unlikely to eat them, pitbull plecos, maybe glass catfish (maybe because they like to school, get 4″, and can be a little sensitive), a banjo catfish (these guys always have a special place in my heart), kuhli loaches (they like to be in groups of atleast 3), whiptail catfish (they get pretty big though), …

Can glowlight tetras live with guppies?

If you like, you can keep live birthing fish like guppies, mollies and platys together with glow light tetra in a common aquarium. You should take care when creating fish communities that the species are mainly from the same continent and a similar landscape.

What is the lifespan of guppies?

Guppies can live as long as four or five years if they’re looked after properly. However, it’s more common for them to live between just one and two years.

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Can baby guppies live in tank with other fish?

Even if you provide places for guppy fry to hide, if they’re in the larger tank with adult fish and other types of freshwater fish, they still run the risk of being eaten. To ensure they aren’t eaten, remove the pregnant guppy to a separate tank.

Will Cherry barbs eat guppy babies?

Since even the adult guppies will eat baby guppies, you could get stuff like tetras, cherry barbs, platies, rasboras, or the like. Or bottomfeeders, like cories or kuhli loaches.

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