Do MAM Anti colic bottles fit in Tommee Tippee steriliser?

What bottles fit in Tommee Tippee steriliser?

150ml and 260ml bottles will fit perfectly. The Microwave Steriliser can house 4 Closer to Nature and Ultra bottles.

Do MAM bottles fit in the Tommee Tippee steriliser?

Came with 2 free bottles too! I use the tommie tippee electric steriliser for my mam bottles. The bottles fit in quite well.

Can you Sterilise Tommee Tippee Anti colic bottles?

Sterilize all parts of the bottles and the anti-colic venting system after cleaning and before using. All bottle parts are suitable for sterilization by steam (electric or microwave), boiling or cold-water tablet/liquid solution. Inspect all parts before each use and gently pull the anti-colic teat in all directions.

Can you use Tommee Tippee microwave steriliser with bottles?

It does fit all kinds of bottles though so that makes it very handy. The lid also doubles as a sterile work surface because it becomes sterilised in the process. …

What size microwave do I need for MAM steriliser?

MAM products are especially suited for this intensive sterilising time. The steriliser fits up to six bottles with components, and can be flexibly arranged on two levels. The steriliser fits in most commercial microwaves, with a diameter of 11 inches/28 cm and a height of 6.5 inches/16.5 cm.

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Can I Sterilise more than one MAM bottle at a time?

When sterilising multiple bottles with this method: increase the time by one minute for each additional bottle. You can sterilise up to 6 MAM Easy Start Bottles at a time.

How long do you Sterilise 2 MAM bottles in the microwave?

Place the bottle components on top of the base. Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Can MAM bottles go in cold water steriliser?

The new MAM 6 in 1 Electric Steriliser can be used to sterilise equipment as a stand alone electric steriliser, or can be used as a microwave steam steriliser or alternatively, if you don’t have access to either electricity or a microwave, it can be used as a cold water sterilising unit with cold water sterilising …

Why do my Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles leak?

Why do my Advanced Anti Colic Bottles leak? … If water is too hot when you put it in the bottle, it can enter the straw and travel up to the air hole on the screw ring, causing a leak. The solution is to let the water cool for a while after it’s boiled, before you pour it in.

At what age can you stop using anti-colic bottles?

It can start when a baby is a few weeks old and usually stops by the time they’re 6 months old.

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