Are baby car seat covers necessary?

Are infant car seat covers safe?

Seat covers meant to replace or cover the car seat’s original padding are not safe and should not be used. Nor should a sleeping-bag style, two-layer cover that goes both under and over a child’s body. Both are unsafe because they can affect the performance of the seat in a crash.

Do seat covers affect car seats?

The proper covers will also give you peace of mind knowing they won’t interfere with your car’s safety systems, such as side airbags. Considering the popularity of heated seats and seat covers, it’s good news they can safely be used together.

Why do you use car seat covers?

Protection. Most people opt for car seat covers because they protect the original seats. … You also can’t prevent the occasional spilled drink or food, especially if you have kids secured in the back seat. Seat covers prevent stains, and they’re a lot easier to clean, too, than your vehicle’s original upholstery.

Does Graco allow car seat protectors?

Graco allows most car seat protectors—and this one came out tops in our tests. Easy to install and affordable. We also liked how easy it is to clean. Downsides: it can slide on leather seats.

Do seat covers affect insurance?

Changing the upholstery of your car to sports or leather seats almost certainly won’t affect your premium, but more radical changes, such as removing seats altogether would be an issue for your insurer.

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