5 Suprises To Hide In Plastic Easter Eggs…Other Than Candy

Alright, I have a confession to make. I originally started writing this post as if my kids don’t eat sugar and therefore this is what I was going to hide for Easter. Truth is, the countdown is on until the fluffy bunny appears, and I have already eaten the kids entire stash of chocolate. Yes that’s right, a Costco size bag of mini eggs has been gone for at least a week, and did you know those solid milk chocolate bunnies actually pair very nicely with a glass of Merlot? I have no shame people.

Now we are out of chocolate, and my kids are expecting magic when they come bounding down the stairs. So here it is, my list of fun goodies to fill those plastic eggs with, just incase you’ve been having midnight candy cravings too.

1.Puzzle Pieces

Put a few pieces in each egg, then when the hunt is over they have a fun activity to keep working on.

2. Playdough

Just make sure to wrap the play dough first so that it isn’t dried out by the time your kids crack open the eggs. If you don’t have an play dough laying around, then here is a link to my homemade batch that I swear by! Homemade Play dough

3. Lego Pieces

Lately we have become a huge fan of all things lego. If you have younger kids, you can also have a station set up afterwards where they need to separate their pieces into the different colours.

4.Goldfish Crackers

Alright I know goldfish still fall into the ‘food’ category, but I would way rather my kids stuff their faces with a handful of goldfish than a handful of mini eggs before breakfast.

5. Pom Poms & Pipecleaners

Fill the eggs with a whole bunch of craft essentials, then they can spend the rest of the afternoon creating masterpieces.

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