An Ode to Coffee, From a Deliriously Overtired Mama

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O glorious coffee how I need you

An Ode to Coffee, from a deliriously over tired mama,

O glorious coffee, how I think about you every moment that you are not in my arms. I wake in the mornings from a restless sleep of being kicked in the head by a toddler or two, and know that my day will not truly begin until I have had my first sip of your perfectly smooth, fully bodied arabica bean. You don’t care that I’ve been rocking a mom bun of unwashed hair for the past three days, or that I have a mysterious purple stain on my favourite go to t-shirt.

Ummmm… OK sorry guys, you have officially caught me day dreaming about my true love of coffee. The one that I could not live without. I know I’m a busy mama of two crazy toddlers, but that doesn’t mean that I have to cut corners when it comes to enjoying the simple pleasures of my morning drink ritual.

How are you guys making your coffee in the morning? Do you pop in a pod and press a button? Do you grind, weigh, and stamp your grounds? Or do you just eat dry instant coffee right from the jar? (No judgement from this mama).

I use to be a drive through coffee type of gal back in University. Now that I’m a stay at home mama I’ve found that making my coffee is as satisfying of a ritual as taking that first big sip in the morning.

Over the past few months I’ve transitioned our house out of pods, and started using a pour over. I’ve become obsessed with making my coffee this way. I can not only control how strong I want my drink to be, but can also use the Melitta bamboo filters for compost, or use them in my garden to help my roses grow.

Side Note: I just discovered that coffee grinds do wonders in your garden!

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Melitta Pour Over

So there might be a few of you reading this wondering what the pour over method is?

First you start with a pour over coffee maker. My favourite, and the one that you see in the pictures is the Melitta Signature Series Pour-Over that you place overtop of your mug. Next you add one of your bamboo coffee filters and then your grounds.

I love adding my own grounds because depending on how many times my tiny humans had woke me up in the middle of the night, I’m able to make my coffee a bit stronger in the mornings.

Next you pour enough hot water to fully saturate your grounds, wait for about 30 seconds, then slowly pour the rest of your hot water through.

Yes I know that there are faster ways to brew a cup of coffee, but to be honest, this is like a small ritual of ‘me time’ that I get to enjoy (almost) every morning. I find that you get such a clean and refreshing cup of coffee this way.

Head over to Melitta to grab your own pour-over and start enjoying a better cup of coffee. Use the promo code Stephanie15% for 15% all Melitta products.

Now excuse me while I take a moment to enjoy my first sip of the day, probably the only hot sip I will get to enjoy before emerging myself into the chaos of screaming children, dirty laundry,  and burnt toast.



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