The Tale of a Tired Mama

Let me tell you a tale of how a tired mama came to be.

A long long time ago, there was a well rested girl. This girl loved quiet walks down long beaches, and hot coffee on rainy days. She had shiny hair, shaved legs, and slept in past 7 anytime she wanted.

One day this well rested girl met a well rested boy. The boy was tall, dark, and handsome, and told her tales of building a life together. The two were inseparable. They went to restaurants without have menus that doubled as colouring books, and they would stay up late watching movies that involved real actors, not animated dogs saving the world.

Eventually this well rested girl married this well rested boy and they decided to start a family. They blissfully welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world and then you know what happened?


Seriously! Not one peacefully uninterrupted night of sleep again. Probably for the rest of their lives. This well rested young girl and boy suddenly grew into overtired, cranky, adults that now worried about car seat safety standards, the colour of poop, and taxes.

That well rested girl, became an over tired mom who now enjoyed long walks by herself down grocery store aisles, and cold cups of reheated coffee.

That well rested boy became an over tired dad, who was still tall, dark, and handsome, but now a little more grey with each new bump, bruise, and tantrum that tiny baby girl had.

Fast forward 2 years and that over tired mom and dad decided that what they really needed in their life was less sleep. -Insert one more baby girl-

Ok spoiler alert, this may not be a fairytale, but don’t worry its not a horror story either.

Well, let me tell you, that once clean house that they lived in is now in shambles. The floors are never washed, the laundry piles up higher than anyone would ever like to admit, and for some reason door handles are always sticky.

But now there are breakfast time giggles and morning dance parties. The beach where that well rested girl liked to walk, is now covered with sandcastles and blowup beach toys.

Rainy days have become less about the hot coffee and more about the big blankets, and cozy cuddles. The kind of cuddles that make you take a second to forget about that dirty house, and that sink full of dishes.

So maybe this doesn’t sound like your typical fairytale, but let me tell you, happily ever isn’t about the house. Its about those tiny well rested humans with sticky fingers and crazy dance moves. Its about serious conversations like what would happen if a t-rex got in a fight with a shark.

Those are the memories that create a tired mama and tired dad, but those are also the memories that create a happily ever after, and I have to admit, that sounds like a pretty great fairytale to me.





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