DIY Disco Ball Piñata

To me the perfect dance party includes a killer playlist of KC and The Sunshine Band, The Trammps, and of course the Spice Girls (girl power). However a dance party just isn’t complete without a disco ball to set the mood.

Except have you seen the price on one of those bad boys?

Solution: Make your own, super easy, disco ball piñata! That way you can dance the night away, plus smash that sucker open for some sweet treats for a midnight snack.

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Brin is ready to party the night away

What You Will Need:

  • Paper lantern
  • Shiny silver tissue paper
  • Garland
  • Tape
  • Scissors


1.Expand your paper lantern. Have I mentioned yet how easy this piñata is going to be?

2.Cut your foil paper into 1 inch strips, then cut small slits half way up to create your fringe…sorry I didn’t take a picture of this step, so if that description is a little confusing you can see an example here: DIY Halloween Coffin Piñata

3. Starting at the bottom of your lantern, add your strips of fringe by securing them with small pieces of tape. For most piñatas I use glue, but I found that because of the foil paper, and the thin material of the lantern, glue ended up being a big mess so my advice is to avoid glue all together.

4. To cover the top layer of tape, I wrapped a few strands of shiny red garland around the top, then used the excess garland as the string to hang the piñata from.

5. Because we used a lantern for this piñata, there was already a hole at the top, so fill it up with candy and go boogie the night away.

I am starting to have a minor obsessions with piñatas (but can you blame me). So check How to Make Your Own Dream Catcher Piñata and How to Make A Unicorn Piñata for some other piñata inspirations.

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