DIY Christmas Tree Piñata

Anyone else spending their nights curled up watching Christmas movies, and stuffing their faces with candy, candy canes, candy corns, or syrup….ummm, can anyone guess what movie I just watched?

Anyways if you have any of the above sitting around the house then lets make a piñata to stuff all that candy in. Why? Because I love Christmas, and I love piñatas. Therefore its only appropriate that we make a piñata to celebrate the holiday season!

What you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Green tissue paper
  • Colourful pom poms
  • Scissors
  • Glue


1. Making Your Tree

Find some old cardboard from around the house. I found a cereal and beer box…because those pretty much go hand in hand right? Next cut out two large triangles that will become your tree shape. Then cut three strips about 2 inches wide, and the length of the three sides of your tree.

Tape your strips along the sides of one of your triangles. Once they are secure, tape your other triangle to the structure. Just make sure that the top of the tree has an opening for your candy.

I like to go a little crazy with the tape so that the piñata can hold up through a few good hits.

2. Cut and Add Your Tissue Paper

Trim your green tissue paper into 3-inch-wide strips. Cut slits down the length of the strips, stopping about halfway in the middle of the strips to create your fringe.

Tip: You can stack several pieces of tissue paper to save time

Start at the bottom of your tree and glue your strips all the way up your tree until it is a beautiful green cedar…or pine….or spruce.

3. Add Your Ornaments

No Christmas tree is complete without some festive ornaments. Glue your colourful pom poms all around your Christmas tree.

4. Fill With Candy

Fill the opening with all that extra holiday candy you have around the house, then close the top with a piece of long string. Do not cut the string after, this is what you are going to hang your fancy new piñata with.


Thats it, thats all. Find some friends, have some eggnog and smash your piñata to pieces!

How To Make A

An easy DIY Christmas tree piñata for all those extra candy canes!

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