Sensory Projects For Your Toddler

Some days I feel like Marry Poppins, patiently dealing with my children’s meltdowns and tantrums, while singing delightful yet educational songs as little birds flitter around my head.

On those Disney inspired days I make a few of these contact paper sensory projects and then tuck them aside for the days that I realize I’m not a delightful magical nanny. Unfortunately I don’t fly around with a magic umbrella, instead I am sleep deprived mama who eats more cheerios out of the cracks of cushions than from an actual bowl.

So when you find yourself in a Spoon Full of Sugar mood, channel that energy into making a few of these and store them away for a rainy day.



Get Artsy

Channel your inner Monet…or google some clipart, to find a simple picture to draw. Draw on the non-sticky part of the paper while you still have the paper backing on the sheet.

P.S. Contact paper is fantastic because there are grids along the back of it which will help you cut in a straight line!

Find Fun Materials

The dollar store has become my secret weapon when it comes to kids projects. All the materials I used are fun to play with (making my toddler happy) and under a dollar (making mama happy).

I chose to draw a rainbow, a face, and a bird because they all required different materials, making each picture a unique tactile experience for my little human.


The rainbow required cotton balls and construction paper. This was a great one, because my toddler got to help rip the paper into little pieces with me before we stuck it on the rainbow. However this would probably be a better picture for an older child because matching the colours to the rainbow wasn’t as exciting as just sticking paper and cotton balls all over the page.


If you are artistically challenged like me, than all you have to do is draw a circle, and a mouth, then stick some googley eyes on top. Voila you have a face. Next, take your yarn and cut it into a bunch of long strands, making hair for your face.


This was a big hit. There is just something about purple feathers that makes my heart smile.

Tip: If a bird is beyond your drawing expertise (anything past a stick man has me stumped) print one from clipart then trace it onto your contact paper. After I figured this out, my mind has opened up to a whole new level of contact paper crafts.

I hope you enjoy making these crafts for your kiddos, if you have other picture ideas let me know! Im thinking Avery may have some cotton ball sheep and snowmen in her future!

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