DIY Plastic Animal Succulent Planter

Having kids now gives me an excuse to do fun projects like the one I’m doing today.

Confession: Most of this project was actually done during nap time because Avery kept trying to change the colour of the elephant (doesn’t she understand that painting plastic animals fun colours is a mommy project).

However, if your not as OCD as this mama (don’t worry I did let her help…a little) then this is a great project to do with your tiny humans.

What you will need:

  • Plastic Animal
  • Exacto Knife
  • Paint
  • Rocks and Dirt
  • Succulent/Cactus


1.Finding Your Creature

Find yourself an elephant/dinosaur/giraffe or whatever your heart fancies. I went thrifting in search of a t-rex, and stumbled upon an elephant. Was I disappointed about not finding a t-rex? Yes…until I started painting this glorious elephant. So whatever plastic creature you find will be awesome, I promise.

2. Animal Surgery

Once you bring home your plastic creature of choice, use a sharp knife to cut a large hole in the top of your animal, then add a few drainage holes at the bottom.

Tip: Do this during nap time. I won’t go into detail about why this is a good idea, but lets just say toddlers become attached to animals quick and trying to explain why Mr. Elephant needs surgery is a conversation train wreck.

3. Paint…Then Re-paint

Paint your animal your favourite bright colour…then re-paint the animal your child’s favourite colour. *sigh*

We used acrylic paint so that Avery could sit with me and do this project, but next time I think opting for the quick and easy spray paint might be the better option.

To add some extra ‘pizzaz’ we used a little bit of gold paint on Mr. Elephants tusks.

4. Planting

Fill the bottom of your animal with rocks to help drain your plant. Next add soil, plant a pretty little succulent and voila!

2017-08-04 08.58.59 1

This is one of my favourite projects because it whimsical, and succulents are super hardy. That means I am likely to keep this plant alive for a bit. *fingers crossed*

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