How Busy New Parents Do At Home Teeth Whitening

As a parent of a newborn and a toddler, I have now discovered that doing anything for myself is pretty much out of the question. Even a shower is just a quick in and out before our baby starts crying, or our toddler tries to recreate the Mona Lisa with crayons on our walls.

I’ve also noticed that with the addition of an extra child, my husband and I should now buy stocks in coffee. Needless to say, our pearly whites can’t really be classified as white anymore. Because of this it is about time that we give ourselves a little pick me up, and what better way than to whiten our teeth.

Neither of us have ever used teeth whitening products in the past, however my husband has always wanted to try. After years of chewing tabbacco (I know its gross, don’t even get me started), he quit when he found out we were expecting baby number 1. Since then my hubby has always wanted to whiten his teeth, but has never gotten around to actually getting it done. So when Smile Brilliant approached me to partner up with them, we were excited to give it a try!

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When the kits arrived they included everything that we would need to make our teeth whitening trays, as well as all of the supplies to whiten our teeth. Making the moulds for our trays was very easy, all we did was mixed together the Catalyst Paste & Base Paste until they were one solid blue colour then pressed them into the moulds (this totally remind me of playing with play dough…so wait until nap time for your little ones to be out of sight).

Next, press the trays up evenly into your teeth (top teeth) and straight down (bottom teeth) making sure not to slide them forward or backwards. Only prepare one at a time because it takes just 2 minutes for them to set so you have to act fast.

Smile Brilliant

How I awkwardly pose when told to smile

My husband was a pro at this due to the many mouth guards he use to make when he played hockey, however I didn’t centre mine as well as I would have liked the first go around. Luckily they include an extra set of pastes if you need a re-do.

After 30 minutes they were fully dried, but we  let ours sit overnight to be on the safe side before sending them away. When we got our  Custom Fitted Trays back in the mail, we tried them on and they fit as snug as Cinderella’s glass slipper (I think I need to turn off the Disney).

The first night we started whitening our teeth I only did it for 45 minutes because I have teeth sensitivity , but you can leave them in for up to three hours. Because of my sensitive teeth I also used the desensitizing gel right after the whitening, and never had any sensitivity the next day.

Below are our before and after pictures after of just 2 sessions!

My husband and I loved how easy it was to whiten our teeth, and how fast we noticed a difference! Now we can drink as much coffee as we want…and maybe a glass or two of red wine too.

Want to learn more about teeth whitening? Then here is some advice on how to keep your teeth white.

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