Planting Magic Carrots for Easter

O Easter, you wonderfully chocolate filled season, I’m pretty sure you were made for me. I mean scavenger hunts, chocolate, magic bunnies…these are by far some of my favourite things in life. Plus now that I have a tiny human running around, I finally have an excuse to go overboard. Right?

I mean the past ten years of hiding chocolate around the house for my husband has been great, but I just don’t think he believes anymore. So onto my young and impressionable child, and what better way to kick off the bunny season, then to give her some magic jelly beans that turn into chocolate carrots (kids eh? they will believe anything).

What you will need (I found everything at the Dollar Store)

  • Orange Jelly Beans
  • Individually wrapped chocolate carrots
  • A spice shaker
  • Glitter
  • Sugar (mix for your glitter)
  • Stickers to decorate your shaker


1.Make your ‘Miracle Grow’ by filling a spice shaker with sugar and some glitter, obviously if jellybeans are going to turn into chocolate carrots over night you need some type of magic growing fertalizer. Then I jazzed up the bottle with a few Easter stickers.

2. Give your kids the bag of magic jelly beans and ‘miracle grow'(make sure you have the same number of jelly beans as you do carrots).

3.Plant your jellybeans before bed, because unlike regular plants that grow from the sun, magic plants need help from the moon to grow. Make sure to sprinkle a generous amount of miracle grow onto the beans to activate the growing process.

4. When your kids are sleeping, get out your flashlight, dig up those beans (don’t plant them very deep), and replace with the chocolate carrots. TADA…MAGIC!

I absolutely love this project because its easy prep, adds to the magic of childhood, and if your kids like to share maybe you’ll get to have some chocolate for breakfast. Let me know how your magic carrots turned out, and what your kids thought!


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