Ice Sphere Cocktail

Welcome to today’s tutorial on the most impressive/most time consuming cocktail you will ever make (but it’s totally worth it)! Not only are we going to whip up something so delicious that you will think you are on a beach in Thailand (maybe, I’ve never actually been there), but your drink isn’t served on ice…its INSIDE the ice, and how do you drink it? By smashing it open! This drink is satisfying in so many ways.

Difficulty level? Your going to need patients, steady hands, and a whole lot of time. I may have thrown some F*bombs around during this process, so keep the young, impressionable ears out of the kitchen while trying to master this.

Making Your Ice Sphere

First off you need sphere ice molds, luckily I collect random things that I feel like someday I might use,  and for me that day has come. If you are not a hoarder of random ice molds than here is a link for you to get your own- Sphere Ice Molds .

Next you fill your molds with water and stick them in your freezer. Now this is where things can get tricky. Since ice freezes from the outside inwards, and all freezers are different, you need to figure out your ‘optimal freezing time’. This means that you want about 1/4 inch of ice, while still having the rest of the sphere filled with unfrozen water. In my fridge freezer this took about 4-5 hours.

Once your sphere has frozen a sturdy layer of ice on the outside but still has unfrozen water on the inside, make a small hole on the top. You can do this by using a nail and a hammer, or a syringe, but personally I went with the drill. Why? because it makes me seem bad ass in the kitchen when I pull out power tools while making cocktails (yup I’m a hardcore Mama over here).

Empty Your Water

If you used a syringe to make the hole, then you can suck out the water that way, if you went in the direction of power tools, then I would suggest making two holes at the top of your sphere so that the water can drain out easily.

Cocktail time!

Ok the mold is awesome, but its nothing without something yummy inside, right? So I whipped up a cocktail sphere filling that is fruity with a fun pink colour…it is also a mix of some random things I had lying around my house, but trust me its delicious!

Ingredients (fills approximately 2 spheres) :

  • 6 Fresh Raspberries
  • 3 Canned Lychee Nuts
  • 3 oz. Apple Juice
  • 2 oz. Hendricks Gin
  1. Muddle your Lychees and raspberries together 2. Add your gin and apple juice and *shake, shake, shake it* 3. Strain your drink into a separate glass, if you just try to suck up the liquid in the shaker it will continuously get clogged with your muddled fruit.

Question- Do I have to *shake, shake, shake* my drink first?

Answer- YES! if you do not have a pre-chilled cocktail going into your vessel, your ice will melt before you have time to break it open…causing a vast amount of swearing.

Filling Your Molds

If you have a turkey injector, great. If you have those tiny syringes that come with your child’s Tylenol bottles that works to, no one is judging. I went with the turkey injector (its a tiny tip that screws onto the baster). I’ve never used it before, and suck at cooking turkey, therefore it is no longer known as a turkey injector in this house. It now goes by the name, ‘tiny metal thing I use to make yummy sphere drinks with’…I’m a mom who rarely gets sleep, so naming random utensils isn’t really my forte.

Next, suck up your cocktail with the syringe, then CAREFULLY fill your sphere. Top your cocktail with a raspberry for some pizzaz, and serve immediately.

Smashing Your Cocktail- AKA The Fun Part

If you have successfully made your sphere, filled your sphere, and got it to the dinning room table HORAAY. Now sit back and take in all the praise that you get from your guests because this is truly a show stopping cocktail!

Next give everyone a spoon and watch them smash open all of your hard work.

I love making this cocktail for guests because its usually something they have never seen before, plus you have endless possibilities for fillings. If you are brave enough to attempt this drink than let me know how it turns out!

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