My Stay In The Hospital & Why I Love The Food

For all of you that read my blog you know that I have been very, very pregnant for what seems like the past 3 years…but I’ve been told I only was pregnant for 9 months (I’m not sure who’s right). Anyways, this baby was officially evicted March 16th, and I gave birth to a tiny little human that goes by the name Brinley Alice Horman. Now I’m sure there will be many, many, many…many posts about our little one, but thats not what I want to write about today. Instead lets talk about how these babies come this world.

I’m not talking about how a baby is made, because yes little Brin wouldn’t be here without my husband, but lets be honest, the hardest thing he did was having to deal with me in the third trimester. The real heroes in birth are first off me, because I’m vain and like things to be about me. Two, little baby Brinley because she was the star of the show, and three is shared by I don’t even know how many people. I’m talking about the doctors, nurses, surgeons, and whoever else was hanging out down there when I gave birth.

Now I had a few extra people in the room with me, because due to the massive size of my children’s heads, both of them were delivered by c-section. I remember laying on the table waiting for someone to saw me in half and pull out a baby with the same grace as a magician pulls the white rabbit out of his hat, and thinking holy smokes there are a lot of people in this room. I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure what half of them were doing in there but I know that they were all playing an intrical role in getting my massive headed child out of me.

Now before baby number one I had never really been to a hospital. I had only herd the common complaints that most people have. I would hear things like, the food sucks, or the beds are uncomfortable, or nurses are slow and the needles hurt. Well now that I have spent the past few days in there, let me tell you my take on staying at a hospital.

First off, this isn’t a trip to Disneyland and you are not checking into a Four Seasons. We are talking about a hospital, filled with people who are there to help you get better.

That food that ‘sucks’, is there to nourish your body. Don’t expect it to be prepared by Gordan Ramsey, but somebody did prepare it, and within the confines of a hospital budget. Sure there were a few times where I wasn’t quite sure what type of meat I was eating, but I did notice that it was a balanced diet. There was always fruit, there was always dairy, and there was always a smiling person delivering the meal. Thank you to everyone who prepared my meals and washed the dishes…if you ever want to come cook me meals at home I will welcome you with open arms.

Those uncomfortable beds are there to help you rest your recovering body. Let me again address the point that you are not at a Four Seasons.  While we were in the hospital my husband slept on a chair that folded out into a bed, he never complained once, and I’m gonna guess between the two of us, I wound up with the luxury plush model. Plus it went up and down which was a huge hit with my daughter.

The nurses that are ‘slow’ spend 12 hours a day focusing on your health as well as who knows how many other people. They run from room to room checking vitals, giving medication, and helping you in whatever way they can. These are the people who held my hand in the operating room when I was scared, hugged me when I cried, and when I was weak, tired, and could barley walk they were the ones who would help me to the bathroom, help me in the shower, and help me hold my baby. So have patience, because they are going as fast as they can, and you never know what is going on in the room beside you.

Even though a hospital isn’t the happiest place on earth, and your not going to find little mints on your pillow before bed, remember that the men and women in these hospitals are there for you, to help you when your down. Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors, surgeons, janitors, person who takes blood (I don’t know what to call you), anesthesiologist, maintenance staff, cooks, and everyone else behind the scenes that I don’t even know about. You all had a role in helping me bring two beautiful girls into this world, and for that I am forever thankful!



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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 21:04h, 22 March Reply

    This is lovely ❤ thank you for being real and sharing your life with us! See you in July xo ….( also the vampires who take your blood are called lab technicians)

  • Dangerspouse
    Posted at 21:22h, 22 March Reply

    All the best to the newest Big Head and the rest of you! Congrats 🙂

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