Made By Mama, Featuring Written Whimsy by KB


Today’s Made by Mama feature is all about Kelsie Brown, the owner of Written Whimsy by KB. This wonderful mama describes her business as ‘made with love’, and specializes in custom handwritten, and handmade goods. Kelsie started adding burp clothes to her store after having her baby boy and realizing that the ones on the market right now were cute, or absorbent, but never both.


What advice do you have for other mompreneurs looking to start their own business?

Plug into community. You can learn so much from others, collaborate with them, and you’ll make friends who encourage you and understand your struggles. Other than that, be consistent and patient but keep hustling.

At the end of the day what makes this mama smile?

Chasing my little boy around the house, having a family meal, and snuggling up on the couch to decompress. I also love playing ultimate frisbee, pretending I know how to garden, getting together with friends (especially brunch), and sharing the things I’m passionate about.

Any mama out there can agree that burp clothes are one of those things we all need but seldom remember to stock up on before the baby comes. When we pre-plan its all about the diapers, cute outfits, and blankets, but the first few months of your child’s life will mostly be composed of eating, sleeping and pooping. So if you are a first time mama, then please, please don’t forget to add a burp cloth or two into that shiny new diaper bag of yours.

We were lucky enough to receive a set of burp clothes for our soon to be little one, and Avery loved using them with her own baby. Now I just hope she will give them back when I need to use them!

To support this lovely mamas business and get your own set of hand made burp clothes, you can check out Kelsie’s Etsy store by clicking here- Written Whimsey Etsy, and by entering the code MDW15 you will receive 15% off of your next purchase!

Also if you have any questions for this mama you can shoot her an email at, and to stay up to date with her daily adventures you can follow her on Instagram @withlove.fromdenver.


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