Made By Mama- Featuring Sisyphus Creations



This week I am excited to introduce you to Liz Videka, owner of Sisyphus Creations. This mama’s Waldorf-inspired business focuses on making one of a kind, hand made toys for your little ones. Each piece is made to order, using only non-toxic, naturally dyed materials, and helps nurture each child’s imagination through creativity, and hands on play.

What advice do you have for other ‘mompreneurs’ looking to start their own business?

The only humble piece of advice I can offer anyone, is to create what you love and allow your life and your work to continuously inspire you. I create products that bring me joy, using materials that feel good to work with. While using synthetic materials would lessen my cost, and using a machine to sew would increase my productivity, I value and learn from the organic process of personally creating.

At the end of the day, what makes you smile?

My life. Every part of it. All the darkness necessary for seeing the light, all of the pain necessary for feeling the joy, and all of the tumbles necessary for strengthening my stride. At the end of the day, in my often overcrowded bed, I typically have a snoring husband on my right with all the blankets on his side, a toddler on my right who incessantly tries to steal my pillow throughout the evening, a cat on my chest headbutting my chin to get me to pet him, and a cat at my feet, focused on my toe movement under the covers, waiting to make her move. I would not have it any other way.

Avery was lucky enough to receive her very own XL Breakfast Set, and now our mornings are filled with imagination and laughter as she puts together a beautiful breakfast. I love how this interactive set keeps Avery busy in the mornings, and also makes her feel like she is a part of the cooking process.

My new budding chef now likes to cook this Mama pancakes in the mornings, and somehow Dad always ends up with the bacon. The only problem with Avery’s new kitchen skills is that it puts my breakfast meals to shame. Thank you Liz for making our mornings a whole lot more delicious.

Go support this wonderful mama by shopping at her new Etsy store Sisyphus Creations Etsy, and for all of you wonderful readers, by using the promo code WONDERLAND you will receive 15% off all products, plus anyone spending $50+ will also receive a fee gift.

Sisyphus Creations is constantly creating new and exciting sets for children to play with, so follow her on Instagram at @sisyphuscreations #sisyphuscreations to see her daily inspirations. You can also stay up to date on Facebook by liking her page Sisyphus Creations Facebook Page or join the Sisyphus Creations Facebook Group.


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