Valentines Day – Expectation Vs. Reality

Happy Valentines Day!

Let me start off by saying, I find this holiday comes with a lot of buildup, pressure, and sometimes disappoint. Why? Because our expectations can be ridiculous, and come from poor quality blockbuster busts that only get watch when we are depressed, and halfway through a bucket of rocky road. So let me break down for you my evolution of this day.

What I always thought Valentines Day should look like- Wake up to rose petals guiding my way to a beautiful home cooked breakfast, including chocolate covered strawberries, and fresh squeezed orange juice in my mimosa. Under my plate I find a note saying ‘pack an overnight bag, a limo will pick you up in an hour. XO’. Then my tall, dark, and handsome lover whisks me away in a private jet to Paris for a night under the Eiffel Tower (I need to stop watching Netflix romantic comedies with less than 2 stars).

Then we get to my single life, and what Valentines Day looked like- I would wake up to no rose petals, and throw on something black in protest of ‘V’ day. Stocking up on ice cream, wine, and discount chocolates, the night would be spent watching previously mentioned crappy movies, instilling unrealistic expectations in my head of what the next Valentines Day would be like with my imaginary tall, dark, and handsome. 2017-02-14-11.25.52-1.jpg.jpg

What present day Valentines Day looks like – 1 am wake up call from a toddler who dropped her blanket out of her crib, and now also needs an extra cuddle to fall back asleep. 7 am real wake up call from a toddler who once again dropped her blanket…if you like it that much stop throwing it out of the crib!

Walk down the stairs and begin the madness of the morning. There is a cranky toddler who wants her bottle and a sleepy husband who needs his tea. Together they get their morning drinks and start to mix up some pancakes. I set the table and we have a breakfast that ends with sticky maple syrup on the table, on the floor, and on the cat.

Am I upset that I am not getting whisked away on a private jet? YES! Just kidding. I sit here with my big belly and swollen feet while a sticky fingered little munchkin grabs her favourite Dr. Seuss and cuddles up. I hear my very own tall, dark, and handsome hubby doing dishes in the background (is there anything sexier than a man cleaning the house?), and I take a deep breath to enjoy the moment.

This Valentines Day I have stopped making unrealistic expectations, because it is just a day. What I do love about Valentines Day is that it is a reminder of how wonderful my life already is. Instead of hoping for a date at a fancy restaurant, I want enjoy the spaghetti on the floor and the marinara in the hair, because these are the moments that we have built as a family. Besides who needs a private jet, I have a mom car with multiple cup holders, and enough trunk space for a stroller and a diaper bag. Could life really be an better?


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