Prenatal Aqua Aerobics…Yes a Real Thing

Update on the pregnancy: I am getting bigger and bigger as the hours tick by. My high intensity work outs (riding a stationary bike while watching Once Upon a Time) are now becoming more of a challenge so I thought it was time to change it up. While looking for new ways to stay active I had the genius idea of trying prenatal aqua aerobics.

I figured, what a great way to meet other soon to by moms, and as my childhood idols Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod would say, its a great way to ‘Stay fit and have fun’ (if your not Canadian you will not truly appreciate that reference).

So off I went to my first aqua aerobics class, sporting a too tiny bikini to hold my big belly, and waddling around the pool area looking for the other women with the same strut. When I joined the curvy group of soon to be mommas, we stood around the pool making small talk, and by small talk I mean we started pouring our hearts out, because these are the only people who understand my issues with heart burn, constant urges to pee, and fear of forgetting what my feet look like.

After a few awkward minutes of heart to heart small talk a peppy young instructor came up  to us and asks if we are here for prenatal aqua aerobics…I’m thinking in my head, this is the one time an instructor doesn’t have to confirm they have the right group.

Next we were all given life jackets,but not real life jackets. Instead, some kind of floatation device that you strap to your stomach, although I must say that bump we are all rocking could double as a pretty good floatation device too.

Then we all start to make our way into the pool. P.S. I hate going into indoor pools. Its not hot out, and I have no idea how many people have peed in it.

Then we spent the next 45 minutes flailing around the pool looking like drowning cats, trying not to kick the person beside us. The whole time listening to our instructor saying, ‘be one with the water’….ummm what?

In the end, we all climb out of the pool exhausted from trying to stay afloat for so long, and congratulating each other on not drowning. Now, I’m not telling you this story so that you stay away from these classes-its the opposite. These are the classes where your awkward agility and ability to laugh at yourself will bring you closer together with the other soon to be moms.

Embrace these classes, because everyone there is going through the same thing as you. These are the women who understand you, and will some day soon, describe your feet to you. These are the classes where I have met some amazing women, who I am lucky enough to still call friends. Use this time to start building a support system of friends, and don’t forget to laugh at yourself. Laugh at the situation, and above all, enjoy your beautiful, to big for bikinis, new curves!


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