2017 Resolutions For a Momma

The New Year is fast approaching, and with that comes the ever classic conundrum of the New Years resolution. Going into 2017 with a toddler on my hip, and a human growing inside of me, I have decided to throw out the classic resolutions because, well they suck and I never stick with them.

If your anything like me, you are over the cliché resolutions like exercise more, eat healthy, try something new every day (thats 365 new things). You give it your all for a solid week than slowly go back to your old habits, because you would rather go for a walk with your kid than on a treadmill, chips are delicious, and figuring out a new thing everyday is exhausting.

Instead, this year I have come up with three resolutions that are practical, realistic, and made for mommies. So if your a fellow momma bear than here are a few resolutions for you.

Resolution #1 Eat More Chocolate

Yes I said MORE. I’m not starting off this year with stupid resolutions that are just going to upset me. Hence chocolate. Chocolate never upsets anybody…unless its hazelnut. This year lets enjoy ourselves. Indulge a little. Stop feeling guilty because you ate one/five chocolates during nap time.

Yes I am all for eating healthy, but a carrot can only go so far. Plus do carrots really make you feel as happy as chocolate? No I don’t think so. So eat that deliciously sweet treat every once and a while, and don’t beat yourself up over it. Your dealing with a little tyrant all day every day, so if something sweet helps you get through the day without throwing your own little tantrum then I say ‘Let Us Eat Cake’.

Resolution #2 Drink More

Yes I know I’m pregnant. Don’t worry I’m not talking body shots or straight vodka, a Shirley Temple or coffee will do the trick. By drinking, I mean go out for drinks, invite friends over for drinks, and start enjoying more time with humans over the age of 3.

Most days a tea party with Avery and a few of our favourite teddy bears is lovely, but other days momma needs a little more caffeine, and a conversation that doesn’t revolve around paw patrol, and why we love the colour pink.

Resolution # 3 Take More Showers

Ok this one sounds like I’m an unhygienic person, but stay with me on this train of thought. As a mother we are constantly putting others first. We wake up and snack on last nights leftovers while cooking a balanced breakfast for our kids. We throw on a shirt we find in our laundry bin (after doing the sniff test) but make sure our kids always have clean clothes to wear. And as for that shower?  I mean that nice long uninterrupted relaxing shower where you get to shave your left leg AND your right leg. Those are the showers that dreams are made of.2016-12-31-12.08.49-1.jpg.jpg

So when I say take more showers it’s not because in crowded areas people avoid me, I’m saying take more time to yourself. Use that fancy body wash that smells like some exotic flower from some exotic country you have never been to. Put on that stain free white shirt you love but never wear, and when you make your little kiddo breakfast, sit down and enjoy it with them.

So there you have it. Eat Chocolate, Drink More, and Take Showers. In a nutshell that is my resolutions for 2017.

What are some resolutions that you are planning on for 2017?


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  • Naomi Byrnes
    Posted at 03:14h, 01 January Reply

    Oh my – I laughed out loud about having more showers. Even as a mum of teenagers now, remembering to treat my body like I matter too is still a daily accomplishment. I reckon giving new mums some lovely shower gel is a great reminder to them to love themselves first … and all the nurture we want to give to our kids arises from that. Thanks for the reality check. 🙂

    • Modern Day Wonderland
      Posted at 05:34h, 01 January Reply

      Awww thank you so much for your kind words. Your right about the shower gel, I think that will start being a gift that I give new moms!

  • Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm
    Posted at 01:17h, 02 January Reply

    LOL…Thanks for this 🙂 I would agree, as the mom of a three year old and a 21 year old, that all three of your resolutions are completely valid and so.very.important! Enjoy keeping each of them 🙂

    Hope your 2017 is sweet, hydrated, full of family and friends, and clean 😉 CHEERS!

    • Modern Day Wonderland
      Posted at 04:17h, 02 January Reply

      Thank you, I think all of us mommas need to make resolutions that will keep us happy and sane. Happy New Year!

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