Tis The Season To Be…Tacky

“I love Christmas, the whole Christmas season. Now please don’t ask me why; no one quite knows the reason” (bonus points if you can guess that movie). Anyways… tis’ the season for friends, family, Christmas cheer, and of course a party or two.

My favourite is the oh so popular “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party”. If you are getting ready to throw one of these festive bashes then here are a few tips to help your party reach true tacky potential.

1.Outfit- First things first, you have to make sure that you are dressed for success. That means buy a sweater, make a sweater, or steal a sweater (ok wait…don’t steal one) but make sure that you have a fun and tacky outfit to wear.


My Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweater

Since I am mucho pregnant at the moment, I thought it would be fun to play up my big belly this year. So check out how I made this super awesome Maternity Ugly Christmas Sweater.

2. Photo Booth- I’m a fan of photo booths at parties. They are easy to make, and this way you and your guests can capture some great moments.

For the backdrop I used some Christmas wrapping paper, then outlined the piece of wall with a string of garland. Next add in a few props. I found a set of Christmas ones at the dollar store, but you could easily just use some stuff you have around the house. Think hats, scarves, stuffed animals, funny glasses, ect.


Avery’s ready to eat

3. Food- Every party needs food, and for our party everyone brought an appy. A fun way to decorate your island or food table is to use a vintage tree skirt. They are usually thick enough to act as a heat pad, and festive enough to add some personality to your party.

4. Drinks- Ok this is my area of expertise…but one problem, drinking is sorta frowned upon when pregnant. No problem for this momma bear, here are a few mocktails that are festive and baby bump friendly.


The Grinch Mocktail

The Grinch- In a tall glass add ice and a few scoops of lime sherbet. Next fill halfway with citrus Five Alive, then top with sprite. This is so yummy with any flavour of sherbet (raspberry is my favourite), but the lime gives it that nice festive green colour.

Virgin Moscow Mule- Ok super simple here. All you need is ginger beer (don’t worry its non-alcoholic) and a lime wedge. If you have traditional moscow mule copper mugs, then even better.

Hot Apple Cider- In a pot add 2 cups cranberry juice and 2 cups apple juice. Heat on the stove with 3 cloves, and 2 cinnamon sticks. Drink when it gets nice and warm.


Lets Get Jingly With It!

5.Music- Don’t forget to turn up the tunes and get ‘jingly’ with it. I’m a big fan of the classic Bing Crosby Christmas, but for a party it’s a good idea to go for something a little more upbeat. Try and find something with more energy than good ol’ Bing, and a little less energy than Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas.

6. Games-For the kids I put together a ‘unwrap the gift game’. To prep this game start by wrapping up a small gift (I bought a book of lifesavers). Next start wrapping layers and layers of paper, tape, stretch and seal, bags ect. The more layers the better. Throughout these layers I also added some candy and toys so there wasn’t just one winner at the end.


One of the many layers to the game.

To play the game you need a dice, a hat (preferably a Santa hat), and a set of mittens. Next everyone takes turns rolling the dice. When someone rolls a 6 they put on the hat and start unwrapping. Everyone else continues rolling until someone else rolls a six. Then they grab the hat and mittens and start unwrapping. The game ends when the final present has been unwrapped, and trust me it gets intense. I started sweating just watching all the kids playing the game.

Another simple game that we played was Heads Up! Its a FREE phone app made by Ellen (everyone loves Ellen) and all you do is hold your phone on your forehead while people try and get you to guess the word on the phone. Plus the game records a video of everyone talking to you, so you can see how ridiculous you all look afterwards.

7.Friends and Family- My favourite thing about having a party is getting together with friends and family. So don’t stress out and think your party has to be perfect, and the house has to be spotless.

Confession: I didn’t wash my floors, and there is a pile of laundry on our bed upstairs. But the truth is, your guest don’t care…and if they do, give them a mop and some laundry soap. So if you are throwing a Christmas party this year, grab some food, some friends, turn up the music, and enjoy the day!

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