Where Do I Hide This Damn Elf?

Ok December 1st was a bust for me…I kinda forgot about Froodle (our Elf on the Shelf) and he was nowhere to be found until December 2nd. Because of this I had the tough conversation with my child as to why Froodle never showed up.

So I sat Avery down and explained to her that Froodle got stuck in traffic getting out of the North Pole. With all of the elves trying to leave on the same day it was to busy and Froodle had to wait. If you don’t know my child, she is 1.5 years old…pretty much I spent the entire conversation rambling about an elf, and she spend the whole conversation glaring at me, just wanting to give her some goldfish crackers.

Phew I hope all conversations with this child can end in goldfish crackers, hugs, and an episode of Paw Patrol.

Now the hard part…finding a hiding spot for that damn thing over the next month. Luckily my sister bought me Elf on the Shelf Scout Elves At Play KitThe kit comes fully stocked with Elf chairs, Elf Dice, Candy Cane Hooks, and any other elfish stuff you can think of. It also has a book full of Elf hiding spots and ideas.

So if your anything like me, halfway through the month and struggling for ideas of where to put the ****ing elf (pardon my language) then let me give you some ideas that I’ve been using over the past month.


Hope some of these ideas help, and if you have any good hiding tips be sure to let me know…because I’m running out of ideas!

You can also check out my Instagram account @moderndaywonderland, where I post Froodles daily adventures.

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