DIY Rudolph Christmas Tree Ornaments

Gone are the days of picture perfect Christmas decorating, because now I have a human tornado that likes to destroy anything in her path, and a Christmas tree with glass ornaments just screams try and climb me.

This year I thought the Christmas tree would get a kid friendly revamp. Besides, tis’ the season for family time, and what better way then to decorate the house with fun art that the tiny humans can help make.

Rudolph is no longer a reindeer, but instead is a lion, bear, giraffe, and any other plastic animal I have lying around the house. Plus I’m pretty sure Rudolph the red nosed lion would make a better song anyways.


  • Plastic Animals
  • White Spray Paint
  • Screw Eye Hooks
  • Red Paint
  • Red Glitter
  • Ribbon


2016-12-01-02.23.20-1.jpg.jpgStep 1- Find your plastic animals. You can usually pick them up at a dollar store, or if your like me and don’t have much spare time, you can raid your child’s toy box (don’t judge me, Avery has plenty of toys).

I also reused some of the animals that I spray painted gold from my previous projects Tipi Charm, and Glitz and Garland.

Step 2- Screw the eye hooks into your animals. Since they are plastic, it is easy to do this by hand without starting a pilot hole first.

Step 3- Give your herd a nice coat of white spray paint. You should be good with 2 coats, just make sure that the animals are completely dry before doing your second coat.

Step 4-Paint a red nose on the tip of your animals. I used Martha Stewart Crafts Fine Glitter because the tip of this tube made it easy to add the paint without making a mess. While the paint is still wet, dip the nose in Martha Stewart Red Glitter. I love adding the glitter to these animals because sparkles are what makes the world go round (plus they drive my husband crazy).

Step 5- String your ribbon through your hook, then hang your festive new safari Rudolphs on your tree!

This is such an easy project, and I love how quirky they are. Plus Avery can hang them herself and I’m not worried about them dropping and breaking into a million little pieces.

If you liked this craft then be sure to also check out DIY Tipi, and How to Make Geode Wall Art.



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