My 8 Favourite Products When Pregnant


Ok so heres the deal, there are plenty of lists out there that tell you what you need when pregnant, but the reality is, people have been getting knocked up for generations and I’m guessing most of this stuff wasn’t around back then. However, if your pregnant for the first time, then you are in uncharted territories. Lucky for you, I’ve done this before so let me help you out with my favourite products.

1.Maternity Leggings – If you’re pregnant and still squeezing into your pre-pregnancy pants STOP. I did that for 4+ months and then I gave into the maternity pants, and you know what I discovered? They are amazingly comfortable. So get yourself some maternity leggings, they are still stylish and your little tummy will thank you for them!

2.Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee – The real kicker about being pregnant is that you can’t have caffeine (or at least your limited) but your always tired. Another issue is that most coffee is decaffeinated using chemicals…so I’m guessing thats not good either. With my first pregnancy I was introduced to OneCoffee Decaf. It is swiss water decaffeinated (safe for you and baby) and tastes great. The pods are biodegradable, and since pretty much everyone has a Kurieg now, you can just pop a couple of these in your purse and still have coffee dates at a friends house who doesn’t have decaf.

3.Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!– You have probably overwhelmed yourself with how much research you’ve been doing since finding out your expecting. Reading up on everything from how big your baby is right now, to the labour and delivery, to how much tuition will be in 18 years. But sometimes your soon to be baby daddy needs a little nudge in the information direction. For Christmas I got my husband a book about becoming a dad and you know what? He read it. Sometimes it just takes a bit of encouragement for them to get there.

4. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App – Since we are on the topic of information its a good idea to get a pregnancy app. Most of them are free, so opt for one of those. They are great for keeping up with how far along you are, showing you the different development stages, and overall knowledge about your pregnancy.

5. Wedge Pillow – Some people use those big body size pillows you hug, but they always overwhelmed me, like there was another person in the bed. I preferred the smaller wedge pillow. You can put it between your legs as you sleep, or when your bump gets a bit bigger, slide it under your belly for a little extra support.

6. Truffle Pig Chocolate – Every women needs chocolate, and every pregnant women needs good chocolate. Last pregnancy I stumbled on these little gems and fell in love. I once saw them on sale and bought 13 boxes…I wish I were exaggerating but pregnancy hormones mixed with a deep love of chocolate makes me do crazy things (and I refused to share any of them).

7. Hello, I’m Pregnant: A Pregnancy Journal – When carrying my first tiny human, my sister bought me this journal. I loved writing down how I was feeling throughout the pregnancy, and looking back in the second pregnancy to see how things were different. This one includes a section for cravings (pickles and ice cream), baby names, and spots for pictures so you can see your bump grow.

8.Raspberry Leaf Tea – This is a tea that I was encouraged to drink during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was told that it’s properties were good for helping your uterus prepare for delivery, and help tone the uterine wall after childbirth. I like to make a pitcher of it, and drink it cold mixed with juice, even my husband drinks it and his uterus is now in tip top shape.

*Tea’s can be controversial during pregnancy, I drank this one all the time with no ill affects, but talk to your healthcare provider and see if it is the right choice for you.

I absolutely loved using every product listed above during my first pregnancy and now my second time around. Please feel free to share what some of your must have pregnancy products are.

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