JORD Wood Watches- Classing Up The ‘Mom Uniform’


The perfect jewellery box…or crayon box (depending on your lifestyle).

A couple weeks ago JORD Wood Watches reached out to me for a collaboration and I jumped on the chance to work with such an interesting brand. Not only are they a company that make beautiful watches, but each piece is made out of wood…yes thats right wood…as in from a tree.

When it arrived in the mail not only was the watch made out of a beautiful sandalwood, but the box it came in was also crafted from wood. The box had a spot for your watch, and a bottom drawer for other jewellery. How wonderful is that? Now I was going to use it for jewellery, but of course my tiny human had a different idea…she decided it would be better used for her crayons and gold fish.


Chasing this tiny human around is hard work!

My favourite part about this piece is that it classes up the ‘mom uniform’. You know, hair up, black leggings, a comfy t-shirt, and a pair of sneakers (all of which you hope are somewhat clean). The watch you see me wearing is the Frankie Series, Dark Sandalwood & Smoke. The earthiness of the wood, mixed with the minimalist style of the face makes it a comfortable and stylish addition to any mom outfit that you throw together. Plus by adding a watch I somehow go from ‘mom eating week old goldfish for breakfast’ to ‘put together mom with style’.

The one thing that I don’t like about this watch is that my husband keeps trying to steal it. He loves how comfortable it is to wear. When he is at work his clients regularly comment on how unique the watch is, and from time to time it conveniently goes ‘missing’ from the house…these are also the days he is working. Coincidence? I think not.

JORD Wood Watches is a company made up of passionate individuals looking to make the world a little more beautiful with their craft. JORD has had great success emerging into the marketplace, and I wanted to know what advice they had for entrepreneurs looking to make their own mark on the world?

Never stray away from your vision! While there will be many obstacles to overcome in the process of starting a business, staying true to your vision will ensure your end result is the business you have dreamed of. Owning a business is a big deal! If you do not have a solid vision, we would suggest creating a strong vision and mission statement before going forward. These statements will ensure the progress and results you hope for! While things may not always go according to plan (life happens), this is a way to at least stay on a path/track. These tools can help with branding, marketing, and gaining customer attention while you’re young. –


The perfect accessory for a busy mom

To check out their entire collection of beautiful watches, you can find them here JORD Homepage. If you just have your eye on the one I’m wearing, then you can find it here Frankie Series. You can also follow JORD on Instagram @woodwatches_com, on Facebook @JordWoodWatches, Twitter @woodwatches_com, and on Pintrest at JORD Wood Watches.

If you are like me and absolutely love these watches then don’t miss out on our JORD Wood Watch contest. Just by entering your name and email you could win $75 off any watch of your choice. But the best part is, just by entering, you will automatically get a $20 e-gift code…just in time to get your Christmas shopping done. The contest ends December 4th, so hurray and enter before its to late!-

This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches, but as always my opinions are my own, and I only endorse products that I truly love and hope you do as well!

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