Interview with ‘Crochet Errthang’

Today the kid inside me is squealing with joy because of how much I love this weeks ‘Feature Friday’ company. The owner of Crochet Errthang specializes in two main pieces, slippers that look like dinosaur feet, and shark slippers eating your feet…ummmm how could you not love these things?

Two years ago Alex was watching a friends grandmother crocheting a blanket. Curious about how it was done, Alex asked if she could teach him. It was love at first stitch and since then Alex has been crocheting non stop. This year Alex started Crochet Errthang so that he could share his craft with the rest of us.

Currently, Crochet Errthang carries shark slippers, dinosaur booties, dinosaur hats, and a crochet top. There has been so much demand for his limited selection of products that he hasn’t had the need to expand just quite yet. This goes to show that if you are making something that you love, quality can win over quantity.

img_0666What are your favourite patterns and what inspires your creativity?

My favorite patterns are those that integrate the “cute” factor to it. For example, I love to crochet amigurumi’s and stuff related to that. It’s always a blast when you create something that always puts a smile on your face! My creativity is inspired by browsing the internet on Pinterest, Craftsy, and Etsy. I like to see what others are creating, and try to predict the upcoming trends.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

My advice is to test the market before spending a huge investment in materials, inventory, etc. I have made that mistake personally, and it’s not a good feeling knowing that you could have saved hundreds of dollars and time just by asking your customers beforehand on what they think about a new product line.

At the end of the day what makes you smile?

It makes me smile when I get a message from a customer saying that our product was awesome, or that it “stole the baby shower show!” –


If your like me and are absolutely in love with these shark slippers, you can find them at Crochet Errthang Etsy Shop, along with the infant dinosaur line. You can also like Alex on Facebook at Crochet Hangout Facebook Page.

To help get your Christmas shopping done early, Crochet Errthang is offering 20% off your next purchase from now until the end of November by entering the promo code WONDERLAND20Inter.

If you have a small business and would like to be featured on Modern Day Wonderland, send me a message in the ‘say hello’ section. I would love to talk!





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