DIY Gold Skull Vase

For anyone under the age of ten, Halloween is all about the candy, so if your looking for a kick ass piñata for the occasion check out this DIY Coffin Piñata. However I’m more about the decorations.  This is the only time of the year where it is socially acceptable to adorn your house with rats, snakes, skulls, so today I have an easy project that will take your take your Halloween decor to the next level.

Skulls have been trendy for a while, but I never felt like I was truly bad-ass enough to rock them in my house all year long. What I love about Halloween is that it gives me an excuse to decorate with skulls, so I get to feel hardcore…even if I’m a mom who secretly enjoys watching Disney movies more than my child.


  • Plastic Skull
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • ‘Halloween’ Flowers
  • Drill


1. Spray Paint Your Skull 

This is pretty self explanatory. Go outside with your spray paint in one hand, and your skull in the other. Then watch this cheap plastic skull transform into a gloriously fancy bad ass skull…o gold spray paint how I love you.

Make sure to do light coats of paint or else your skull will always be tacky to touch. I found that my skull only needed 2 coats of paint.

2. Drill Into Your Skull

Drill or cut a hole on the top of the skull.

3.Add Your Flowers

I used fake black and purple flowers, but if you really want to go all out you can place a cup of water in the skull and use real flowers.

2017-10-12 01.13.35 1.jpg

Who says a skull can’t be classy?

I love how this project turned out, mostly because I am such a huge fan of turning boring objects into shiny treasures! To see more of my gold inspired projects you can check out Gold Animal GarlandGold Flamingo Ring Toss, or Gold Tree Stumps.




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