Interview With Boy Cherie

boiler-plate-shotThis Friday I had the pleasure of featuring Caitlin Reyna, the owner and designer behind Boy Cherie. This boutique jewellery shop focuses on stunning feminine pieces that have all been handmade to ensure the highest quality of product.

Throughout the years, Coco Channel has had an influence on Caitlin, and this can be seen with the name ‘Boy Cherie’, a way of paying tribute to Arthur Edward “Boy” Capel, a long lime suitor and investor who assisted CoCo Chanel in opening her flagship store.

What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

I have been designing jewelry since I was 6 years old. As a kid, I loved to take things apart and see how they worked. The problem was, I couldn’t really put them back together. It drove my parents pretty nuts, so my mom started buying me DIY project sets to keep me busy. One day she bought me a bead kit and I was hooked. Most of my childhood was spent going into bead shops, finding new treasures (beads) to make different designs, and self teaching new techniques.

What inspires your pieces?

One piece that has been my favorite for the last few years is the Heather necklace. I designed this one after Coco Chanel. Pearls go with everything and this necklace is subtle but also makes a statement at the same time.

I always get inspired when I walk into a bead store. Being able to see the beads in person and match them with different colors and shapes always gets my creative mind going.

Another big inspiration of mine is watching NY fashion week videos. I really pay attention to fabric patterns, neckline trends, color choices, etc. This helps me decide what I want my upcoming collection to look like and how I will style it.

How would you describe your style?

My jewelry company’s slogan is, “elegant jewelry for effortless beauty.” Most of my pieces are very dainty, delicate and feminine. I make my pieces to enhance a woman’s style without overpowering it. One simple necklace can pull a whole outfit together.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs just starting out?

Keep reminding yourself of how far you come instead of beating yourself up with how far you need to go. As an entrepreneur, there will be days that you feel like all your hard work isn’t paying off. When this happens to me, I ask myself where was my business a year ago? What were the major signs of growth? What did I accomplish? By doing this, I remind myself that a successful business doesn’t  happen overnight, and I need to be grateful for all the growth I have accomplished.

What makes you smile?

That’s easy…it’s making jewelry. I’ve been creating pieces for 24 years now, so it’s safe to say this is my life’s passion. I absolutely love it, and am so grateful I get to do it everyday!-

To view the entire Boy Cherie Product line you can visit Caitlin’s website by clicking here- Boy Cherie. You can also find Caitlin on Facebook Boy Cherie Facebook and Instagram @boycherie.

For all of you jewelry lovers out there I am excited to announce that you can get 25% off of your next purchase by entering the coupon code ‘Wonderland’. Happy shopping!



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