A DIY Coffin Piñata For Halloween

YAY its October, and you know what that means…it is now socially acceptable to wear a unicorn outfit while grocery shopping. Just kidding thats always socially acceptable!

Earlier this year I made a Dream Catcher Piñata for Avery’s big Boho Birthday Bash and I realized two things from that. One, piñatas are a pretty easy project that make your party look super festive, and two, kids do not care if you spent hours hand crafting the perfect piñata for a celebration, all they care about is breaking through your hard work to get the precious candy inside, although I must admit that it was pretty therapeutic when it was my turn to take a bat to the piñata.

To kick off this festive season of ghosts and ghouls I thought I would make a spooky coffin piñata, because obviously kids need more candy during this season. Besides how fun would it be to trick or treat and have the option of hitting a piñata for MORE CANDY!


The finished coffin piñata



1.Cutting Out Your Shape

Find some cardboard. If you have babies/toddlers this probably won’t be a problem for you, I just used one of the many diaper boxes we had laying around. In the picture below you can see the dimensions I used for the coffin. This doesn’t make a huge piñata, but thats as big as I could get it with a pampers box.

2.Tape Together Your Coffin

Cut strips 2 inches wide with your extra cardboard. On the strip you use for the top of your coffin, poke two holes and attach your string so that you can hang your piñata later. Don’t forget to leave a little opening at the top of your piñata so that you can add candy at the end.

3. Make Your Fringe

Cut your tissue paper into 2 inch strips. Cut little slits along the bottom of your paper. I like to stack a few pieces of paper on top of each other so this part doesn’t take forever.

4. Add Your Fringe

Start an the bottom of the your piñata and glue your tissue paper row by row. Make sure you can still access the opening to fill your piñata with candy.

5. Add Your Candy

Don’t forget this step, or whoever cracks open that bad boy will be majorly disappointed when their hard work amounts to no candy. Or instead of a treat give the tiny humans a trick and don’t fill your piñata with anything… Bwahahaha (evil villain laugh).

DIY Halloween Piñata.png


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