The Second Time Around

Most of you already know, but I am officially announcing that mid March we will be welcoming a little bundle of screaming joy into our family. Of course we’re overjoyed, but as many second time moms will know, this go around its a whole new experience. Your first time pregnant everything is new and exciting, the doctors visits, blood tests, ultra sounds, and any other reminders of your little addition was a fun adventure. This go around those visits are still there but now also include a impatient child who keeps poking the sick person next to them in the waiting room.

With baby number one, I held onto my regular pants and tops for as long as I could squeeze into them. It look a solid 4+ months before making the switch over to maternity clothes. This go around I started rocking stretchy panel jeans the same day I found a plus sign on that stick you pee on. No I’m not showing yet, but trust me, once you start wearing maternity pants your hooked. Actually, I’m thinking of keeping those bad boys around after this baby…you know, for turkey dinners and such.


The pregnancy cravings!

Another big difference about your first pregnancy vs. your second is the cravings. You still have them, and they might still be the same cravings (hot peppers and ice cream). But heres the difference, with baby number one if I wanted a tub of ice-cream I would eat a tub of ice cream. Second go around, I want a tub of ice-cream, and now there is a toddler staring at me and my bucket of ice cream. Now you have a few options on this one…you can binge eat your ice cream while hiding in a closet (don’t judge), share the ice cream with your child who is now known in this house as Ice Cream Thief (you’ll probably need more ice cream), or lastly be a ‘good role model’ and sit there with a plate of veggies instead. Trust me the last one is nowhere near as satisfying, but it does result in a less sugar buzzed child.

You’ll also notice the way you tell people your pregnant is different from first to second. First go around I bought a onsie for my husband saying I LOVE DAD, and we have this magical little moment when he put two and two together. With the first you try to find cute little ways to tell the people in your family that your having a baby. Second go around I told my husband, and I quote, ‘your really pissing me off lately, I think I’m pregnant’. A trip to the drug store and one pregnancy test later confirmed that my irritably wasn’t all him. As for the rest of the family, we keep forgetting to tell people. Half knew right away and the other half, well, if your just finding out after reading this, then surprise!

Now don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here, it’s not that we love this new one any less. The fact is that before a child comes into your life your pretty selfish. It’s all Me, Me, Me…maybe a bit about the hubby but thats it. You can sleep in on weekends, meet friends for drinks, and eat a tub of ice cream in your PJ’s while binge watching Greys Anatomy. You still get long showers, and enough time to dry and curl your hair (if your that ambitious). But after you have that first child your no longer thinking of just yourself, in fact you now rarely even think of yourself.

You’ve already gone through those exciting, but also terrifying firsts and now your ready to do it again. Your no longer focusing on the pregnancy because thats mostly about you. Your already thinking of what life is going to be like after that little bundle is in this world. So no, there will never be a pregnancy like your first, but trust me, that love you felt the the moment you held your first, thats the moment that you’ll get time and time again with each new human you bring into this world, and really those are the moments in life that really matter.

*The pictures in todays post were done by Inner Light Photography

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