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jen2Today I am excited to talk to Jennifer Hill of Little Hill Co. She is the owner of a new start-up business focusing on fashionable, kid friendly products such as crayon wallets, burp cloths, and diaper clutches.

At the early age of 5 Jennifer’s grandmother taught her how to sew, igniting a lifelong passion with the craft. Studying in New York, Jennifer earned her degree in Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology, and later traveled abroad studying fashion in Italy at the prestigious Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design. For the past 10 years Jennifer has worked in New York City as a Childrenswear Designer, but has recently decided to become her own boss.

What inspired you to create Little Hill Co.?

My husband received a job opportunity that would let our family relocate to Chicago, we jumped at the chance. It was a difficult decision to give up a career I loved, but nothing compares to raising your own children and working for yourself. Hence, Little Hill Co. was born and has been open for business since June of 2016. My kids are my inspiration. I love to create things that make life easier to have them in my life, and also things they will really enjoy using again and again.

What inspires your creativity? What are your favourite pieces to make?


On of the many fun fabric patterns for a Little Hill Co. crayon wallet.

I love observing what is going on all around me and taking it all in. I am really inspired by fun fabrics and beautiful prints. I really love making my crayon wallets and what I love even more is watching how excited kids get over them. My daughter literally carries hers around everywhere she goes. I also love receiving feedback from customers with photos of their own kids enjoying their crayon wallets, the pics are amazing.

My burp Cloths are a direct result of being inspired by my kids. Both of my kids were what the doctors call “happy spitters” I was constantly covered in spit-up. As a result I created my burp cloths with a special pocket to help catch the mess. They also work great for breastfeeding mommies. I always use mine to protect my shirt while nursing, it has saved many outfits.

My Diaper clutch is my go to when on the go. I hate lugging around a ton of stuff, but with my diaper clutch I can bring the essentials, and on longer trips it helps keep my diaper bag organized. It also doubles as a wet bag with its waterproof lining.


What advice do you have for you entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

Just go for it. I’ve always wanted to take the leap and am so grateful that I finally did. It is a ton of work but completely worth it. I suggest finding your true niche and run with it. Also, find unconventional ways to network, you never know who you might meet.

At the end of the day what makes you smile?

Knowing that I put my all into my business and having the time to spend each day with my littles makes me the happiest mama around! –


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  1. Mom says:

    My daughter makes me very proud. She always works hard to be successful and she put loving care into everything she does. She recently remade a dress for a young child who was very unhappy with the one she had and both the young child and the parents were ecstatic with the results. She made sure the result was what they would expect. She is a very busy Mother, business owner and always goes out of her way to do more. She is an example that other young people should follow. This interview describes her beautifully.

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