How to Make Your Own Jumbo Dominos Set

How much do you love games? They are such a great way to bring people together…well some games are. If your anything like my husband and I some games are band from the house, aka Risk. If you have never played Risk, DON’T, it will only end in broken friendships, tears, and a week of not speaking to your significant other. Anyways, back to my love of non-competitive, keep the friendships alive games. This summer I’ve made a two, the twister blanket, one side party time, the other side cuddle time! Then there was the flamingo ring toss game, because everyone needs more flamingos in their lives! So to keep the good times rolling I’ve made an oversized dominos set. This thing is great to play, and is a nice display piece when your not using it.

To make your own jumbo dominos set you can pick up all your supplies at Home Depot. Ok, major confession coming up…Home Depot is one of my favourite stores. I love the smell, I love the colourful paint selection wall, and every aisle is a new inspiration for projects. For this project we’ll be going on an adventure down the lumber aisle where it smells like a commercialized forest (in a good way). But feel free to venture around when your there. I was really into the plumbing section last time I was there, so maybe there will be some pipe projects coming up in the future. But enough about Home Depot, onto the dominos!

What you will need:

  • 28 feet of 1X6
  • Dark Stain
  • White paint

Step 1 -Gather Your Materials- Pick up 28 feet of 1X6. I got the knotty pine because well, it was the cheapest. Then I asked the wonderful man who was helping me if he would cut it down so I could fit it in my car. Then he did me one better by cutting all of my wood into the 1 foot pieces that I needed! I think it also helped that I had a baby in my arm who kept waving and giggling at him. If available, acquire and bring a cute baby with you.

Step 2 -Cut and Sand- If you didn’t bring a cute baby, and the nice Home Depot man didn’t cut all of your wood for you then you will have to cut it into 1 foot pieces, with a total of 28 pieces. Next, sand down all of your wood corners because they will be rough on the ends where they were cut, and no body likes slivers.


Step 3 -Stain- I used Minwax|Wood Finish in Dark Walnut on my dominos but feel free to jazz yours up any way you want!

Step 4 -Paint Your Dots- I used an old can of white house paint that ways laying around in our basement. For perfect dots you can find round sponges at the dollar store. Then I found a dominos set online (like the one below) and printed it off so that when a domino was done it could be crossed off. Trust me, you’ll want to have the cheat sheet with you, or you will get super confused when painting. I first tried to figure the dots out on my own without the chart and kept doing doubles. So print the template because this part sucks, and crafts are suppose to be fun, not a challenge on how many ‘inappropriate for day time blogging’ words you can mutter under your breathe in an hour.


Step 5-Time to Play-  Now your done your jumbo lawn dominos. YAY for you. Grab a neighbour, your husband, a small child (preferably yours) and start playing!





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