Dear Supermom,

Yes, I’m talking to you. The mom who hasn’t showered in two days, and hasn’t slept in five. Or the mom who rushed home from work just to rush off to soccer practice, staying energized on cold coffee and chocolate bars. I know some days you feel like you’re just trying to get through the day, but you will!

I don’t think you hear it enough but you are doing a good job…no I take that back, you are doing a GREAT job, and your a fantastic mom. Its not easy, but you know what? Your raising a tiny human! Thats crazy, think about that a second. Give yourself a break. You don’t always have to be your standard of perfection, because in your kids eyes your already there.

Did you know that to your kids your a superhero, and here is a secret…you are. When you become a parent you gain these superpowers that you never had before.Your kisses make skinned knees feel better immediately. Your voice becomes sweet and soothing when a lullaby is sung. You always know when something is wrong, and have the power to make your child feel better just by listening to them.

That gourmet, 5 course, organic, made from scratch meal you think you should be cooking every night for your family can wait. Do you know what my favourite meal was as a kid?Kraft dinner with cut up hot dogs in it. So instead of putting so much stress on yourself take those extra moments and make a blanket fort with your kid. If it’s nap time this doesn’t always mean you have to clean your floors and do the laundry…  although maybe that should get done at some point. Give yourself some time, make a coffee, curl up in a blanket and recharge (because that is what your little energizer bunny is doing).

When your kids look back on their childhood, they are not going to remember that you cooked hand-breaded organic duck strips with a made from scratch dipping sauce. Or that your hair was clean and eyeliner was straight (I never could do that). So maybe sometimes you feel like a little bit of a disaster, but thats OK, because I promise you the ones who matter most in your world don’t see that at all. When they look up, all they see is supermom.


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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 13:12h, 13 September Reply

    so true you are a super mom!

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