We Don’t Need to Stand Alone

Dear Parents,

Try and think back to a time before you had kids…can you even remember this? Or has the sleep depravation caused you to have a permanently blurred memory of everything in the past and present? Do you remember looking at people with kids and constantly judging their parenting?

Pre-parent days I would roll out of bed around noon, meet friends for lunch and sometimes stare at the parents with their screaming toddlers. In my head I would be thinking, Why’s that kid having a tantrum? Who lets their kid throw food at a restaurant? Wow, already using their parents phone?’ Ummmm yea…karma’s a bitch and now that I’m a parent I want to tell my former self to go to hell.

New philosophy – If you have no kids, you get no opinion on them. If you do have kids then lets all be a little more open-minded about this whole ‘raising humans’ thing! Somedays I find myself handing my screaming tyrant a handful of cheerios and turning on a cartoon so that I have 5 minutes to myself. What do I do with these 5 minutes all to myself? Obviously hide in the pantry with a tub of ice cream, eating it as fast as I can before the door opens and I’m caught in the act…if your judging me right now then I’m guessing you have yet to create a tiny little human.

Now as a parent there are so many sides that we are forced to be on; breast or bottle, co-sleep or crib, soother or thumb, vaccinate or not, stay at home or work, but this is not the time in our lives where we should be picking sides. This is the time where we need to band together as parents and remember that its ok to be different because in the end we all want the best for our kids.

So to the pregnant lady walking by my kid having a meltdown, yes she is screaming because she has shoes on her feet. But you might want to stop telling yourself yours will be different.  Trust me I was once you, completely oblivious to life after carefree lattes and late day brunches. You are going to absolutely love that little alien growing inside you, but you are also going to be scared to death of it and thats OK too. Secret is, we are all a little scared of our children, but they are like wild animals…they can smell that fear, so stay calm.

What I’m trying to say in this long winded rant (hey you decided to read it, thanks) is yes, parenting is great and rewarding and…*insert generic nice stuff we are suppose to say about raising kids*,  but it is also tough and intimidating. So instead of sitting there judging how others are raising their kids, lets embrace the different ways we all choose to love our crazy, fantastic and funny little humans.



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