DIY Custom Spatchula

Growing up my mom would only baked at Christmas time. Some of my favourite holiday memories would be of us making our cookies and squares with the music turned up and us pulling off our very best dance moves to jingle bells. To me the kitchen is this feel good party place where memories are made, and so why not add some extra cheer with these quirky custom kitchen spatchulas.

This is a super simple project that I absolutely love because it adds a little bit of pizzaz into the kitchen, and you get write whatever you want on it. So turn on your creative quote juices and have fun making these bad boys!

What you will need:


  • Spatchula-I found these bright coloured ones at the dollar store .If you see them stock up because the next time I went they were gone. You can use any kitchen untesils for this project as long as it has a wood handle.
  • Wood burner- I got mine at Michaels forever ago, but just saw them at Walmart for $17.97.

Step 1- Find a quote that will make you smile every time your in the kitchen. I did three quotes, ‘It’s always time for cake’ ‘Life is short; lick the bowl’ and ‘Kitchens are made for dancing'(all words of advice to live by). Next write your quote in pencil on your handle.

Step 2-Use your wood burner to go over the penciled words. The trick when you are wood burning is to press lightly down with your tools instead of trying to make deep burns. This sounds obvious but has taken me many failed projects to figure out. If you press to hard you will get blotchy uneven burns through your whole piece, so if you have a scrap piece of lumber laying around I suggest you work on that first before you ruin one/two/three  spatchulas.

Thats all you have to do to create your own cute custom kitchen utensils. These are so simple and cute, I hope you enjoy making your own!


via Daily Prompt: Cake

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