Interview with Hammered Rustic Design

This Friday I am excited to be featuring the talented Brittany Harrison who is reinventing the way we look at rustic art. Brittany is bringing together her expertise in fashion, passion for design, and wood working skills to show us all what it’s like to use power tools in high heels.

One day Brittany was staring at her boring white walls, thinking they really needed more colour and texture on them. However living in a rental has restrictions and landlords often aren’t impressed if you cover the entire wall in wood like she wanted to. Instead Brittany decided to create a wooden wall piece that she could hang. Doing so, she could still create that rustic feeling in her home. After finishing her first piece and loving what she saw, Brittany wanted to see if anyone else appreciated her artwork enough to purchase it. She soon discovered that many people wanted similar decor proving that there was a market for her pieces, and this is how Hammered Rustic Design was created.


Brittany originally went to school for fashion design so working with wood was a whole new territory to explore. Soon she discovered that there were many similarities between the two. “Both are about being creative and putting pieces together in an eye catching unique way.” Yes, similar in a creative aspect but power tools and wood are a whole new medium to work with compared to fabric and sewing machines. In fact the first time Brittany tried using a power drill she plugged it in, tried to screw in her first screw…and nothing. It wouldn’t catch. So what was wrong with this defective tool? Did she buy a dud? Was the power out? Nope, the reverse button was on. Don’t worry though, Brittany is now happy to report that she has figured out the power drill and has become well versed with most other power tools out there as well.

What is your favourite tool that you can’t live without?

“A circular saw. I started out with a hand saw, but soon learned I needed something more powerful and that I could cut straighter lines with, plus I feel pretty bad ass when I use it.”

How would you describe your style?

“Rustic elegance. It is a balance between feminine and masculine. The masculine being the wood and labour going into the pieces, and the feminine reflected in the design and colours.” She also blends in this idea by adding vintage love letters written by famous individuals on the back of each of her pieces. Its these small details that make us fall in love with not only the pieces, but the Hammered Rustic Design brand itself.

What advice do you have for people who want to start selling the products but haven’t taken that plunge yet?

“Find your unique and special spot in the market and create your own personality in your product. Also you need to have a strong social media presence.”

At the end of the day, in what ways does your business make you smile?

“This business makes me proud of myself. I am doing something out of my comfort zone and making art that I think is beautiful. There are always new challenges to overcome but I love the fact that I found what my purpose was by accident.”

Lets show this designer some love. If you would like to see more from Hammered Rustic Design you can check out Hammered Rustic Designs Facebook page or stay up to date with her on Instagram If you have any questions or would like to talk about a custom order feel free to email Brittany at

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